Creekmouth Preservation Society

Where is Creekmouth?

This is the question that is always asked of the society members, whenever they attend a history fair or make a presentation to schools and other, local societies.

It is a shame that a specific area of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham had, for so long, simply been forgotten. Creekmouth is rich in history, particularly industrial. The disastrous collision between The Princess Alice pleasure steamer and the Bywell Castle, collier, which happened just off the shore at Creekmouth, was largely unknown amongst locals until the society, through their talks and with the help of local media, brought it to local attention. Sir John Bennet Lawes, agricultural scientist, and Sir Frederick Handley Page, pioneering aeronautical engineer, both had factories at Creeksmouth.


Please be patient and as soon as I have learned how, I will be publishing photographs, maps and other, interesting information, on this website. 

February 2014

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Maria Williams